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Do you have a passion for teaching? Getting your Physical Education Degree from Manhattanville College could be your ticket to personal and professional advancement in the field of education. As a working educator, we know it’s important that you are taught by faculty who understand the skills needed to excel in today’s classroom environment. Manhattanville’s School of Education makes it easier than ever to work and study with a curriculum that integrates painlessly into your demanding professional life. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a uniquely balanced course structure that emphasizes both practical and theoretical. It’s the right time for you to choose Manhattanville College.

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As one of the most diverse small colleges in the country, Manhattanville College campus sits on 100 acres in Westchester County, which is just 30 minutes from New York City. Having been repeatedly recognized as a leader in education training, and accredited by CAEP, we are well equipped to help you progress at any stage of your teaching career — or even to change paths and attain new goals. If you’d prefer to learn in a traditional classroom environment, rather than taking your Physical Education Degree classes online, you’ll have no trouble doing so with our flexible study schedules and accessible campus.

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If you’d like more information about our Physical Education Degree, we’re always reachable by phone, online or through social networking.

Working professionals can enhance credentials and broaden networks through strong academic programs at Manhattanville College. Manhattanville College can take your career to the next level of opportunity.

Physical Education:

The Master of Arts in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy Program is designed to increase the candidate's understanding of the theories, teaching practices and curriculum development process for increased physical activity in preschool through grade 12.

Our Physical Education Program:

  • Convenient after work hours class times
  • Three different study start times (Fall, Summer and Spring) with rolling admissions
  • Faculty members who are experts and active in their fields
  • Networking opportunities with faculty, guest speakers and alumni
  • One-on-one time with faculty to help ensure the success of each student
  • Opportunities to increase your earning potential
  • Effective career advancement
  • Jump Start: our fast-track teacher certification catered to career changers

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