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Do you have a passion for teaching? If so, a Mathematics Education Degree from Manhattanville College can help you grow personally and jumpstart your career in education. As a working educator, we know it’s important that you are taught by faculty who understand the skills needed to excel in today’s classroom environment. The School of Education at Manhattanville College offers a uniquely flexible study program that fits seamlessly into your demanding professional life. A balanced approach to learning, with equal parts practical and theoretical, is just one factor that makes our programs such a success with graduates. Isn’t it time you came to Manhattanville?

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As one of the most diverse small colleges in the country, Manhattanville College campus sits on 100 acres in Westchester County, which is just 30 minutes from New York City. Manhattanville’s School of Education is widely recognized as one of the top schools of its kind; is accredited by CAEP; and is perfectly tailored to offer you the kind of graduate programs you need to advance your career. If you yearn for a traditional face-to-face classroom environment rather than an online program, Manhattanville College offers flexible schedules and a convenient location for busy working professionals to earn their Mathematics Education Degree.

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Working professionals can enhance credentials and broaden networks through strong academic programs at Manhattanville College.

Mathematics Education:

The Secondary Mathematics Education Department at Manhattanville College prepares our graduate students to teach Middle Childhood/Adolescence Education (Grades 5-12) Mathematics. All of our programs are aligned with the New York State Department requirements for certifying teachers.

Our Degree In Math:

  • The flexibility to study after your work day is finished
  • Three seasonal semester starts (Fall, Spring and Summer) with rolling admissions
  • Relevant and working professional faculty with up-to-date classroom expertise 
  • Networking opportunities with influential faculty, guest speakers and alumni
  • Personal attention aimed at promoting the individual success of each student
  • Potentially increased earning potential
  • Practical career advancement
  • Actively work toward changing your career path with our streamlined Jump Start Teacher Certification program 

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