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Is teaching your calling? If the answer is yes, a Foreign Language Degree from Manhattanville College could be your solution for personal and professional growth in the field of education. As a teacher working today, we know it’s important to you that you earn your qualifications from faculty who have in-depth knowledge of the challenges of today’s classroom. Manhattanville’s School of Education makes it easier than ever to work and study with a curriculum that integrates painlessly into your demanding professional life. A balanced approach to learning, with equal parts practical and theoretical, is just one factor that makes our programs such a success with graduates. It’s the right time for you to choose Manhattanville College.

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As one of the most diverse small colleges in the country, Manhattanville College campus sits on 100 acres in Westchester County, which is just 30 minutes from New York City. Having been repeatedly recognized as a leader in education training, and accredited by CAEP, we are well equipped to help you progress at any stage of your teaching career — or even to change paths and attain new goals. We offer online courses, but if you’re more comfortable learning in a classroom environment, we also offer flexible schedules that allow you to complete your Foreign Language Degree while you work.

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Manhattanville College allows you to earn your qualification while you continue to work. Manhattanville College can help put your career progression in the fast lane. Complete the inquiry form or fill out an online application for more program information today.

Teaching Languages Other Than English

The purpose of the Foreign Language Degree is to prepare teachers to meet the challenges of today’s linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms. Our philosophy holds that all children, regardless of their cultural and linguistic backgrounds, can and must be helped to reach their maximum potential. Whether it’s French, Spanish, Italian or Latin, our future educators are equipped to teach at the middle to secondary school levels.

Our Degree In Foreign Languages:

  • Workday evening class times
  • Three seasonal study start times (Fall, Spring and Summer) with rolling admissions
  • Faculty members who are experts in their respective fields
  • The chance to network with faculty, guest speakers and alumni
  • Personal attention aimed at promoting the individual success of each student
  • Opportunities to increase your earning potential
  • Effective career advancement
  • Jump Start: our accelerated teacher certification program specially designed for teachers interested in changing career paths 

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