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Is teaching your calling? An English as a Second Language Degree from Manhattanville College is the best step you can take toward a more fulfilling career. If you are a teacher seeking additional qualifications, you can feel good knowing that you'll be taught by faculty members who are experts in their fields and are in touch with the dynamics of today’s demanding classroom environment. Manhattanville’s School of Education makes it easier than ever to work and study with a curriculum that integrates painlessly into your demanding professional life. You will receive both a practical and theoretical approach to learning, and you’ll get the personal attention you need to excel. It’s the right time for you to choose Manhattanville College.

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Situated conveniently in Westchester County, an easy 30 minutes from New York City, Manhattanville College enjoys one of the most diverse small campuses in the country. Manhattanville’s School of Education is widely recognized as one of the top schools of its kind; is accredited by CAEP; and is perfectly tailored to offer you the kind of graduate programs you need to advance your career. If you yearn for a traditional face-to-face classroom environment rather than an online program, Manhattanville College offers flexible schedules and a convenient location for busy working professionals to earn their English as a Second Language.

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Manhattanville College takes you from teacher to Education Specialist

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages:

Teaching ESL in a K-12 setting offers teachers relative autonomy, opportunities to collaborate, and variety in teaching settings, along with the opportunity to become acquainted with students and families from very diverse cultural backgrounds. Teachers of ESL are advocates for their students and trainers of their colleagues in the mainstream.

Our English Second Language Program:

  • Eligible undergraduate students may take up to five graduate courses (15 credits) while still paying undergraduate tuition 
  • Graduate credits are applied to both the undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • Students take graduate courses while paying undergraduate tuition
  • Generous transfer credit policy
  • Adult students can earn credit through prior learning and CLEP 
  • Discounted tuition 

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