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Are you interested in taking your passion for teaching to the next professional level? Getting your Doctoral Degree from Manhattanville College could be your ticket to personal and professional advancement in the field of education. If you are a teacher seeking additional qualifications, you can feel good knowing that you'll be taught by faculty members who are experts in their fields and are in touch with the dynamics of today’s demanding classroom environment. Manhattanville’s School of Education makes it easier than ever to work and study with a curriculum that integrates painlessly into your demanding professional life. We provide the perfect balance of practical and theoretical knowledge you’ll need to pursue your goals. Isn’t it time you came to Manhattanville?

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Manhattanville’s diverse campus is located a quick 30-minute drive outside of New York City in Westchester County. Manhattanville’s School of Education is widely recognized as one of the top schools of its kind; is accredited by CAEP; and is perfectly tailored to offer you the kind of graduate programs you need to advance your career. If you’d prefer to learn in a traditional classroom environment, rather than taking your Doctoral Degree classes online, you’ll have no trouble doing so with our flexible study schedules and accessible campus.

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Manhattanville College is proud to provide strong academic programs for working professionals to enhance credentials and broaden networks. Manhattanville College can help put your career progression in the fast lane. Complete the inquiry form or fill out an online application for more program information today.

Doctoral Program:

The purpose of the doctoral program is to meet the needs of mid-career professionals who already have leadership experience in public or private schools, in community programs, in governmental agencies, or in NGOs with major education initiatives.

Our Doctoral Degree Program:

  • The flexibility to study after your work day is finished
  • Three seasonal semester starts (Fall, Spring and Summer) with rolling admissions
  • Relevant and working professional faculty with up-to-date classroom expertise 
  • Networking opportunities with influential faculty, guest speakers and alumni
  • Personal attention aimed at promoting the individual success of each student
  • Potentially increased earning potential
  • Practical career advancement
  • Actively work toward changing your career path with our streamlined Jump Start Teacher Certification program 

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